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Refraction Systems

All of our Refraction systems can be customized to meet your needs.

Slimline Desk with Trial Lens Popup

  • Slimline Desk - IDI-30-1030-L
  • Console - IDI-31-1030-L

Basic/Original Desk

(Electronics Sold Separately)
  • Basic Desk and Console - IDI-03-1230-R
  • Basic Sink Cabinet - IDI-04-1030-R
  • Desk Only: IDI-03-1030-R (Right or -L Left)
  • Console Only: IDI 02-1030-R (Right or -L Left)

Omega Sink

  • Omega Sink: IDI-10-1030-R or L (Right or Left Handed)

Omega Desk with Console

  • Omega Desk with Console: IDI-16-1030-R or L (Right or Left Handed)

Face The Patient Desk

  • Face The Patient Desk - IDI-30-23-62-R or L (Right or Left Handed)

Deluxe Desk

  • Deluxe Desk and Console - IDI-01-2232-R
  • Deluxe Sink Cabinet - IDI-04-2032-R
  • Desk Only - IDI-30-2032-R (-R bank of drawers on right or -L left)
  • Console Only - IDI-02-2330-R (-R console on right or -L left)
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