Refraction Systems

All of our Refraction systems can be customized to meet your needs.

The Americana

  • The Americana Desk

Deluxe Desk

  • Deluxe Desk and Console - IDI-01-2232-R
  • Deluxe Sink Cabinet - IDI-04-2032-R

Classic Desk

  • Classic Desk and Console - IDI-01-4232-R
  • Classic Sink Cabinet - IDI-04-4030-R

Eye to Eye Desk

  • Eye to Eye Refraction Desk and Console - IDI-01-5230-R

Basic Desk

  • Basic Desk and Console - IDI-03-1230-R
  • Basic Sink Cabinet - IDI-04-1030-R

Deluxe Econoline Desk

  • Deluxe Econoline Desk and Console - IDI-32-2122-R
  • Deluxe Double Upper Cabinets - IDI-51-2022-0
  • Indirect Hanger Complete w/ Power Supply and Hood - IDI-A1-1020-0